The Beauty of Giving

The Hope Fund


The mission of the HOPE Fund is to provide short-term emergency financial assistance to associates who have encountered financial hardship.

Associates must be in an emergency situation and in need of financial assistance due to natural disaster, destruction of primary residence due to natural causes, or death of associate or family member.

Assistance is available in the form of a grant and/or match of funds collected by fundraisers held by colleagues.

Dennis with Stylists

“Our passion for our people shows in everything we do—you could say we love the company we keep!”

– Dennis Ratner,
CEO, Founder & Stylist


When a fellow stylist has experienced a crisis, associates can provide support through salon fundraising campaigns and a portion of the donations collected is matched by the company.


At Hair Cuttery, our stylists come first and that means not only making sure they are prepared for business, but also addressing their personal needs. We provide our stylists with a confidential referral service free of charge that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The program can help stylists deal with tough situations and challenging transitions as well as positive changes in one's life.

Valerie Thibodeau, Hair Cuttery Stylist Ambassador


Making sure the needs of our stylists are heard is a priority at Hair Cuttery, so we implemented a direct line of communication to all stylists. The role of the Stylist Ambassador is to ensure that our stylists' voices are always fully represented in decision making, communications and general business practices. Our Stylist Ambassador visits salons multiple times a week and operates an open forum online where stylists can exchange ideas, ask questions and share success stories.

“It's a privilege to spend my time listening to and talking with our incredible stylists and an honor to carry their voice throughout the company.”

– Valerie Thibodeau,
Stylist Ambassador

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