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For salon prices, go to Find A Salon and click 'Pricing' for your preferred location. Ask about our Master Stylists. Please note Master Stylist prices are slightly higher. Long hair charges may apply for select services.

QUESTIONS ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS (*available in select salons):

Will my extensions look natural?
Absolutely! Hair Cuttery Stylists use only 100% human hair extensions. In addition, there are many hair colors and textures for you to select from, and your Stylist will ask the right questions to determine which hair extension method is best for your hair and needs.


How long will my extensions last?
With great care and regular salon maintenance, you can maintain your look for up to 6 months to one year. In order to allow for the longest use and life of the hair extensions, a visit every 6-8 weeks is highly encouraged.

Your Stylist will help determine how long your extensions will last and will recommend tips to maintain them.

  • How do I touch up or remove the extensions when I want to change my look?
  • Your Stylist should touch up or remove your extensions for you when you’re ready. During your consultation, your Stylist will quote you a price for removal of your extensions.
  • If your Stylist is not available, you must see a Stylist that specializes in extension services. If you obtain touch up or removal services at a different venue, this voids your extension guarantee from Hair Cuttery.
  • Will the extensions damage my hair? 
  • Not when used correctly. Our expert Stylists are trained in providing extension services and they will select the hair and application that best suit your needs.