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Can I get a perm even though I have naturally wavy hair?

Yes, you can opt for more curls adding more definition to what you may have or simply to remove frizz, by perming on larger rods.

Can I get a straightener on my permed hair if I don't want it curly anymore?

Yes, as long as the condition of your hair is good. Not recommended for double processed hair. (More than one chemical process is evident)

How do you know what shampoo and conditioner I need?

The prescription for your hair would depend on your history. Have you had chemical services? Do you use heat everyday? The texture of your hair also plays a vital role in what regimen your hair would most be benefited. A professional can make suggestions based off these analysis.

How do I use a round brush without getting it stuck in my hair?

The secret to using a round brush is really pretty simple. Simply unroll the same way you put it in. Do not roll the hair up to the scalp, and try to pull. Always unroll before you attempt to pull it away from the hair.

What can I do with my heavy hair?

You have many options. Consult with a professional about possible layering that can take off some of the weight throughout the interior of your design not necessarily changing the appearance.

Why are professional products different from drugstore products?

There are many reasons. Professional products are far more concentrated than OTC products. The molecules that are responsible for replenishing lost moisture and protein are smaller which ensures better delivery into the hair structure.

Why does the weather affect my hair?

Humidity! The moisture molecules floating around in the air are attracted to porous material. You hair is porous which will absorb the moisture, thus undoing what you did!

Can I highlight my grey hair vs. coloring it for coverage?

You can highlight grey hair to blend, however highlighting will not cover it. Why not try a few highlights over your colored grey to give an added dimension!

Why does professional hair color take so long to process?

SCIENCE! As professionals, maintaining the integrity of your hair is #1 priority. The more time it takes to change the scientific structure of the hair, the chances of damage are minimized.

What is demi-permanent hair?

Demi permanent hair color acts similar to semi-permanent hair color,however producing a longer lasting effect. Demi- Permanent hair color uses a lower volume catalyst to gently swell the cuticle to drive the color molecules into the cortex of the hair. This produces longevity in the color.

Why do my highlights turn gold/brassy?

Melanin/Pigment molecules in the hair are responsible for the color you see. Pheomelanin (which creates the red/yellow pigment) is fragmented during the lightening process. These tiny fragments can actually regroup after time to reform the warm tones that make hair appear gold/brassy. Try using a color enhancing shampoo such as Shades EQ Platinum Ice to help minimize the gold tones.

I've been highlighting my hair for years, why do the ends look all one color vs. highlighted?

After many highlighting services, all of the ends are probably the same highlighted color. Every few highlighting service, consult with your professional about placing some low- lights in between some of those highlights to keep the depth. Low lights will also act as a shadow to those highlights, making them appear new again!

If I color my hair how often do I need it retouched?

It really depends on how fast your hair grows. Once you begin to see the regrowth, you know its time! Consult with your professional about using a non-ammoniated glaze to refresh those tired ends instead of using the same formula as the retouch. This will aid your color in less fading and keep that great healthy shiny hair!

Does color damage your hair?

If a professional service is sought, damage is reduced to minimal if any. Discussing the process with a professional will eliminate any concerns you have. If it doesn't you should seek other advice. There are many professional choices today. Some of the products can actually seal the cuticle, add shine and enhance the condition of your hair. One recommended product is Redken Shades EQ color gloss.

What is Keratin +?

Keratin + is a longer lasting, semi-permanent straightening system. This protein-enriched service leaves hair straighter, stronger and frizz free for up to 12 weeks.

Who is the Keratin + client?

Keratin + is the perfect way to remove curl and frizz. If you are looking for ultra smooth hair with exceptional shine that’s easy to maintain, then Keratin + is for you!

Who performs the Keratin + service?

Select Hair Cuttery Stylists that have been exclusively trained to perform the Keratin + service.

What is the cost of the service?

Pricing is discussed prior to your service during your FREE consultation by a professional Hair Cuttery Stylist.

How long will the results last?

Keratin + results will last up to 12 weeks when the aftercare requirements are closely followed.

Keratin + aftercare requirements

For optimum longevity, cleanse only with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as recommended by your professional Hair Cuttery Stylist.

Will my extensions look natural?

Absolutely! Hair Cuttery Stylists use only 100% human hair extensions. In addition, there are many hair colors and textures for you to select from, and your Stylist will ask the right questions to determine which hair extension method is best for your hair and needs.

How long will my extensions last?

With great care and regular salon maintenance, you can maintain your look for up to 6 months to one year. In order to allow for the longest use and life of the hair extensions, a visit every 6-8 weeks is highly encouraged. Your Stylist will help determine how long your extensions will last and will recommend tips to maintain them.

How do I touch up or remove the extensions when I want to change my look?

Your Stylist should touch up or remove your extensions for you when you’re ready. During your consultation, your Stylist will quote you a price for removal of your extensions. If your Stylist is not available, you must see a Stylist that specializes in extension services. If you obtain touch up or removal services at a different venue, this voids your extension guarantee from Hair Cuttery.

Will the extensions damage my hair?

Not when used correctly. Our expert Stylists are trained in providing extension services and they will select the hair and application that best suit your needs.

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